Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Memory lane part 1

All those years ago, firstly to note this is my attempt to put my many experiences into writing. So i will start with my first memorable moment all the way back before i had any notable guilds, In order to set this chronology i have narrowed my time into sagas. These are
1) Pre affiliation
2) The Blood Hawks
3) Serpent Fury
4) Exile
5) XII
6) Blood and Tears
7) XII
8) Pvp days
9) Cataclysm

Pre Affiliation
Durign this period when i first brought the game. I started as a Mage called Garagola and took that character to level 12, I then started an Ork Warrior known as Orkishna. On this Character I ran my own guild "Children of Anubis" and joined many others such as Hordes Elite, Retribution and Repentance. These are the most notable for players such as Rasout, Sceptre, Cah, Flyfish, Tylana. It is important to note i also gave up around level 20 for a week then came back.
The Stronger more important influences come around level 60-70, (I left the Guild Retribution which has certain individuals inside who will reoccur later in the "XII Saga") to start Repentance which ended at 70.
A Character who I believe deserves special mention is Spaznaz/Kjedoran who leveled with me, he played arms warrior and i was prot. we did many dungeons at 40-60. He will reoccur later in the "Blood Hawks Saga".
So While leveling in Netherstorm i saw two level 80's in a guild called the Blood Hawks, The Hunter Suri declared she was Co GM and helped me with a few group quests. This lead me to befriending her and eventually joining the guild at level 70. Its weird to put 6 months so blunt into a post but necessary for me as part of remembering those lost along the way. Kjedoran, Suri, Scepte,Flyfish, Tylana. All players who i have no contact with and who are unknown.

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